2020 Sapiens Summit

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October 13 – 15

Meet your customers’ changing needs with the leading digital engagement technology for top insurers. Our advanced customer communication and document automation solutions integrate into your business to create better experiences, greater efficiency, and more agility across any platform.


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Mastering the Old Fashioned Cocktail and New Customer Experience

Wednesday, Oct. 14 | 12pm ET


What do old fashioned cocktails and customer experience have in common? You, us, and this masterclass session. Join our experts as they walk you through creating an old fashioned cocktail with a twist and a digital-first customer experience.

Let’s face it, meeting rising customer expectations is easier said than done. It takes data-driven customer insights, highly personalized and omni-channel communications, and advanced analytics to deliver experiences that drive revenue, brand loyalty, and retention. In this session, we will cover what today’s digital customer expects and how you can use modern, end-to-end CCM tools to meet their needs, fast.

You will walk away from this session with tactical actions you can take to start building a better customer experience, fast – leaving you with plenty of time to sit back and enjoy a good old fashioned.

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