GhostDraft 360

GhostDraft 360 is the only platform empowering insurers to manage the entire communications lifecycle, from inception to delivery, in one powerful and intuitive suite.

All you need. All in one powerful and intuitive customer communications suite.

Get to market faster with engaging and compliant communications by streamlining your end-to-end forms and document process, from inception to delivery.

Product Managers

Product Managers can design new or update forms while accessing a library of industry forms as well as an internal library for quick and easy research.


Compliance users can package, submit, and track state filings to drive efficiency and historical archiving.

Business users

Business users are empowered with authoring control, enabling insurers to easily build personalized, interactive communications.

IT Users

IT users can empower non-technical users with document generation and delivery capabilities, allowing IT to focus on other high value projects.


A centralized, role-based hub that provides dashboards and access to relevant GhostDraft tools and information.

  • Manage your forms inventory in one place
  • Quickly access relevant tools and modules
  • View and open recent projects
  • See relevant project activity history
  • Get customizable notifications and alerts for tasks and projects
  • Receive real-time BI summaries and analytics
  • Keep track of projects with progress, process, assigned items, and issue tracking
  • Find news, trainings, and other resources
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Get a library of industry forms and documents with smart search to drive efficient research. Compare your communications with industry content.

  • Access a library of filed competitor and bureau forms and documents
  • Smart search industry content based on language, state, filing date, etc.
  • Manage an internal library of content with smart search capabilities
  • Side-by-side compare form language against competitors
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Design & File

Give product managers everything they need to build or modify language for your forms and documents.


Simple, collaborative MS Word authoring environment for content and form origination and smart content storage.

  • Create original communications and products using MS Word
  • Upload and store documents and multimedia to support content creation
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders by sharing, editing, and commenting
  • Gain a smart, searchable content repository with automated tagging to store and reuse content
  • Automate versioning and store document and collaboration history for a complete audit trail
  • Streamline handover for file and specification phase
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Web-based module to easily manage your filing needs.

  • Automatically generate filing packets for each state
  • Track filing submissions
  • Side-by-side compare filings
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Quickly capture requirements and rules with standardized specifications and link to relevant documents.

  • Capture, store, and share full specifications for each template
  • Bulk import various formats of forms lists and requirements to auto-create specifications
  • Search and filter inventory list and history
  • Manage requirements changes with tracking and versioning
  • Automate project initiation with Studio and Workbench
  • Annotate documents and multimedia with rules and comments
  • Easily handover to development and link to appropriate documents or forms
  • Build reusable data dictionaries in real-time
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Develop consists of an intuitive authoring environment and online workflow builder designed for non-technical users as well as a data mapping tool for IT.


This MS Word like authoring environment empowers business users to create and manage dynamic templates for all uses.

  • Create batch, on-demand, and interactive
  • Add business rules using natural language
  • Test documents with sample data in real-time
  • Build and share reusable content
  • Side-by-side compare with reports
  • Add variable data using natural language from the domain model(s)
  • Insert and edit repeating data
  • Access ISO and AAIS pre-built content libraries
  • Build omni-channel communications
  • Easily create conditional logic
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Data Workbench

Provide IT a place to map multiple core systems to a domain model, giving business users control over content and simplifying data mapping.

  • Map core system(s) to the domain model(s) only one time
  • Use one domain model, typically a line of business, across unlimited templates
  • Use REST and SOAP web-services to capture data as well as SQL queries
  • Define and configure data sources including: XML, JSON, Excel Files & Salesforce Connector
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Configuration Manager

This easy to use workflow builder is designed for non-technical users to create dynamic workflows faster than ever before.

  • Build customizable multistep workflows with pre-configured tasks
  • Configure effective dates and jurisdiction
  • Configure new custom workflow steps
  • Explore error logs that can be used during troubleshooting
  • View and download document usage stats and user and module-level activity
  • Compose individual documents and assemble them into a broader document package
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Review & Test

Ensure compliance and consistency by allowing internal and external stakeholders to review and test communications using intuitive web-based tools.


Easy to use, web-based tool for stakeholders to review and test documents and provide feedback.

  • Invite stakeholders to review and/or approve forms and documents
  • View the front-end version or explore markup in natural language
  • Test forms and documents with pre-configured data scenarios
  • Create test data and build reusable scenarios
  • Compare tests
  • Log issues, assign tasks, track issues and tasks
  • Leave comments
  • Compare against specification requirements
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Get industry standard and advanced testing capabilities in one platform.

  • Easy for business or IT users to automate batch or regression tests based on schedules or triggers
  • Automate comparison by configuring test master documents
  • Receive pass/fail results and reports
  • Review and approve failed test cases
  • Test documents, content, mappings, workflows, etc.
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Deploy & Execute

Manage and track release deployments for efficient publishing and historical archiving. Implement omni-channel, personalized templates.


Empower IT with all the tools they need to manage deployments efficiently.

  • Bundle specific versions of artifacts into Solutions
  • Efficiently republish and promote Solutions to different environments
  • Track the status and store the history of deployments
  • Bulk, copy, move, and enable/disable solution-related artifacts
  • Automate artifact cleanup with customizable retention settings
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Deliver your communications the way customers prefer to create a superior customer experience.

  • Use web services called via an API layer to perform needed document automation tasks
  • Print, email, store, or view in various formats for various channels
  • Get data from data capture forms
  • Send content to agent portal, customer portal, website, or other applications
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