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Deliver the Digital Experience Your Customers Expect

Connect with your customers how and when it suits them with a customized communications workflow.

Insurance Correspondence

Personalize your correspondence for a better customer experience

Customer expectations are evolving, and your communications need to keep up. Insurers not only need to deliver communications based on an individual’s preferences but must also build strong, genuine customer connections. GhostDraft provides insurers with an intuitive CCM solution that gives business users control over document creation and delivery, allowing you to create better experiences, greater efficiency, and more agility across any platform.

  • Personalize correspondence
  • Optimize your communications workflow
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs

Drive Deeper Connections with Your Customers

In today’s digital world, customers expect timely, relevant, interactive, compliant and highly personalized communications delivered to their channel of choice. GhostDraft delivers an intuitive, omnichannel solution that puts business users in control of document design and generation, thereby leading to production efficiencies and boosting speed to market.


Personalized Letters

Using rule-based logic, business users can create highly personalized communications based on the individual’s information.


Omnichannel Delivery

Easily switch document characteristics to fit the customers’ preferred communication channel.


Timely and Relevant Communications

Leverage previous interactions to build messages and offers based on customer needs and current products that strengthen your customer relationships.

Streamline Your Communications Workflow

Put your business users in control of document design and generation with a highly intuitive interface that eliminates the need for IT. Not only can business users easily build forms, but they can also test documents in real-time by using sample data to validate system rules. Optimize your policy production process and accelerate time-to-market for new products as well as customer communications. GhostDraft delivers collaborative, controlled workflows to ensure approval and compliance for every document.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

Delivering a highly personalized, omnichannel experience engages your customers on a new level. The result? Customers are willing to spend more, try new products, and become brand advocates, recommending your business to other high-value customers.

By shifting document generation and delivery from IT to business users, GhostDraft streamlines your communications process, saving time and resources. Additionally, insurers can leverage GhostDraft’s omnichannel communications delivery to reduce or eliminate printing and postage costs.

Discover a CCM Suite Designed for Both Business and IT Users

The GhostDraft CCM Suite is powered by a series of independent software components, delivering advanced functionality and intuitive customer communications management capabilities for both business and IT users alike.

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Complex documents, simple solution

GhostDraft gives your business team the power to build stronger customer connections through easy-to-create, personalized communications.