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Since 1976, we have been leading the document automation digital evolution for insurers worldwide.


Years of pioneering digital transformation


Valued customers worldwide


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We help organizations like yours build and retain strong customer connections while reducing compliance risks and boosting speed to market. Find out how our next-gen solutions can benefit your business today.

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Meet the GhostDraft Leadership Team

We’re led by a group who encourages new ideas, challenges our teams, and questions conventional thought to unlock innovation and creativity at every turn.

Larsen Lockwood-Hall


Bold vision, coupled with a diverse set of abilities, a combination of strategic thinking, entrepreneurship, and operational excellence.

Mark Todes

Executive Vice President, Projects

By remaining close to the product and customer, Mark has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of digital content generation.

Peter Ottermann


Peter directs the architecture of GhostDraft and manages a team of highly-skilled software developers who build and maintain the suite.

Brad DuPont

VP, Sales

With over 25 years of consulting experience for insurance, finance and healthcare organizations, focusing on document management, workflow, digital transformation and improving the customer experience.

Angie Winn

VP, Technical Sales and Services

Angie brings to GhostDraft more than 20 years of experience in project management, customer support and professional services.

Joanne Irvine-Smith

VP, Product Development

Joanne has over 20 years in the software field writing, designing, leading and managing software products across a broad spectrum of technologies and industries.

The mission

We’ve been building and advancing communications management and document automation solutions for decades, creating stronger customer connections for insurers.


Excellence is a commitment to greatness. It means striving to excel in every aspect of our business and approaching every challenge with a determination to succeed.


Respect is a sense of appreciation for value and the process of honoring clients by exhibiting consideration for their needs.


Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, ability and truthfulness of our offering.


Teamwork means recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We achieve it when we leverage our collective genius, skills, ideas and strengths to obtain exceptional results.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement means never becoming complacent. We are never satisfied. We constantly challenge the status quo in an effort to be better today than we were yesterday.

Never stop innovating

Stay ahead of the market by partnering with a CCM solution provider that’s always in touch. We continuously question the status quo and build solutions designed to keep our clients one step ahead of the ever-changing market.

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