Policy production

Policy Production

Stay ahead with streamlined workflows

Increase compliance and accelerate speed to market with advanced business-driven document creation.


Insurers are feeling the pressure to meet compliance regulations, launch new and innovative products, and accelerate speed to market without compromising on quality and cost. GhostDraft empowers business users to easily create and manage declaration pages, schedules, endorsements and other policy forms to support rapid product launches and quick responses to regulatory changes.

  • Accelerate speed to market
  • Give business users authoring control
  • Boost accuracy and efficiency
  • Gain advanced personalization

Optimize the Policy Production Process

GhostDraft’s intuitive, cloud-based platform gives your business users complete authoring control to design and generate policy documents without the need for IT. This frees up valuable time for your developers to focus on other important projects. Templates can also be easily tested in real-time using sample data to ensure accuracy, compliance and consistency.

Users have the power to create and store reusable content that can be applied across thousands of policy, billing, claims, and other documents. This not only eliminates duplicate entry but also simplifies change control. GhostDraft empowers users to update one reusable template with new content, which then updates all of the other forms automatically.

For large insurers, GhostDraft also connects your disparate policy administration systems, effectively reducing the number of policy documents. By connecting all policy systems to our domain model, business users can easily build one template that pulls data from multiple policy systems.


Empower Business Users

Design, test and generate policy documents without help from IT.


Eliminate Duplicate Entry

Create and store reusable content to accelerate policy document production.


Reduce Policy Documents

Manage fewer policy documents with a CCM solution that connects disparate policy systems.

Get to Market Faster

GhostDraft integrates with top policy administration systems to expedite implementation, thus dramatically increasing your speed to market. Business users have the power to create, test and deliver compliant, omnichannel documents without IT – streamlining your policy production processes and sending timely customer correspondence. You also gain access to a library of pre-built, standardized insurance forms and templates with our ISO offering. This enables you to get new or updated product lines to market faster than ever.

Ensure Compliance

GhostDraft delivers intuitive workflows that enable business users to collaborate on policy documents and gain the necessary approvals to ensure regulatory compliance. Our system stores all document history, allowing users to track revisions and create an audit trail.

With GhostDraft, insurers gain a complete upgrade from the current error-prone, manual manuscript process. Your business users will have the ability to upload external manuscript documents into the policy package, ensuring that this information is accurate and archived for regulatory compliance. 

Now you can rest assured that all revisions and changes are on track and under control.

Boost your bottom line with better billing

Upgrade the way you bill your customers by delivering compliant, easy-to-read documents to their channel of choice. Your customers will respond faster and your bottom line will benefit directly. 

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