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As an insurer, every customer interaction matters. To remain competitive in today’s market, you must deliver an exceptional customer experience across all channels. And a great customer experience starts with communications. Each interaction creates a lasting impression that impacts the policyholder’s decision to renew. Whether you are delivering a quote, issuing a policy, settling a claim, or just sending a bill, your communications can help you build relationships that engage customers and drive loyalty.

But communications are complex, especially in insurance. And managing them is too. Customers expect quick and seamless interactions across channels, and your communications need to be more personalized and impactful than ever before.

Introducing GhostDraft

That’s why we built GhostDraft – a customer communications and digital experience suite designed to create, deliver, and manage all your communications in one place.

Intuitive tools empower you to produce content managed by business users, controlled by approval processes, and digitally optimized. Non-technical users can build, update, test, and deliver personalized, compliant content – at scale and without IT. And that content can be shared across omnichannel optimized documents and forms – significantly reducing production time.

GhostDraft is the only CCM solution that allows you to manage communications end-to-end. Get the tools you need to manage initial design, specifications, development, deployment, and execution in one unified platform.

Whether you’re in underwriting, claims, marketing, or billing, you can generate robust communications with customized language, interactive graphs and charts, or even personalized videos, driving high levels of engagement, retention, and digital adoption.

You know your customers. Instead of sending generic content, you can use natural language rules to customize communications and deliver to the right people, at the right time, and with the right messaging based on their preferences and needs.

When creating batch, on-demand, or interactive forms and documents, you can collaborate across departments, start from pre-built templates, and streamline approval processes by creating customized workflows to ensure compliance and brand consistency.

With over three decades of experience, 65+ insurance carriers use GhostDraft to create better experiences, greater efficiency, boosted cost savings, and more agility.

How to Move Forward

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