Insurtech Evolution Part III: Accelerating Growth and Improving Customer Experience [Webinar]

Speakers: Chris Daniel [Sapiens] and Layla Muth [GhostDraft]


Accelerate your knowledge of the insurtech landscape with the webinar: “Insurtech Evolution: Accelerating Growth and Prioritizing Customer Experience in Workers Compensation”. Join industry experts Layla Muth from GhostDraft and Chris Daniel from Sapiens, as we dive deep into the evolution of customer expectations and the agility required to meet them.


Discover the critical importance of modernizing systems and digitizing communications in today’s competitive environment. Explore how technology can revolutionize claims processing, elevate user experiences, and drive program efficiency. Learn firsthand the benefits of insurtech ecosystems and how they’re reshaping the industry.


In this webinar, our experts discuss:

  • Strategies to tackle common challenges faced by workers’ comp carriers in the competitive landscape
  • Techniques for enhancing customer experiences in workers’ comp insurance
  • Innovative technologies transforming processes for workers’ comp carriers
  • Tips for balancing streamlined processes with delivering exceptional customer experiences

Meet the Panelists

Craig Musgrave

Chris Daniel

Layla Muth GhostDraft

Layla Muth

Customer Communications Customer Experience Digital Experience

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