Quick Customer Experience Wins for Insurers [Webinar]

Speakers: Tim Baum [Harford], Tom Benton [Novarica], John Pettit [Sapiens], Angie Winn [GhostDraft]


Today’s leading insurers focus on building exceptional customer experiences that drive growth, retention, brand loyalty, and efficiency. In fact, 70% of insurance CEOs are prioritizing and investing in customer experience over the next 12 months.


With 2021 approaching rapidly and with great uncertainty, it’s essential to focus on quick customer experience wins. That’s why we teamed up with our friends at Novarica, Harford Mutual Insurance, and Sapiens to bring you this webinar on actionable CX tips for P&C insurers.


You will walk away from this webinar with tactical actions you can take today to start building personalized customer experiences that connect.


In just 1 hour, you’ll learn:

  • Customer expectations and behaviors that are here to stay
  • Communication strategies to engage customers faster and easier
  • How to track and report CX efforts
  • How to leverage technology to go digital faster

Meet the Panelists

Tim Baum Harford

Tim Baum

Vice President & CIO at Harford Mutual Insurance Company
Tom Benton Novarica

Tom Benton

VP, Research and Consulting at Novarica
John Pettit Sapiens

John Pettit

Chief of P&C Product at Sapiens
Angie Winn GhostDraft

Angie Winn

VP, Business Development at GhostDraft
Customer Communications Customer Experience Digital Experience

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