Insurtech Evolution Part I: Replacing Legacy Systems and Driving Speed to Market [Webinar]

Speakers: Jeff Bischoff [Harford Mutual Insurance], Chris Merkel [Sapiens] and Angie Winn [GhostDraft]


In today’s fast-paced market, speed is paramount. Join us as we address pressing questions surrounding speed to market, the role of technology in efficiency, strategies for overcoming legacy system challenges, the importance of collaboration in innovation, and staying ahead of industry trends and regulations.


In this webinar on the evolution of Insurtech, industry experts explore how replacing legacy systems can drive speed to market and revolutionize the insurance landscape. Our featured speakers, Jeff Bischoff of Harford Mutual Insurance, Angie Winn of GhostDraft, and Chris Merkel of Sapiens, will provide invaluable insights into the future of insurance technology.

Meet the Panelists

Jeff Bischoff

Jeff Bischoff

VP of IT at Harford Mutual Insurance
Chris Merkel

Chris Merkel

VP and Chief Architect at Sapiens
Angie Winn GhostDraft

Angie Winn

Head of GhostDraft North America
Customer Communications Customer Experience Digital Experience

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