Streamlining Manuscript Endorsement Production with CCM


As a manual and error-prone process, manuscript endorsements are one of the most substantial operational inefficiencies for specialty carriers. With changing regulations, intense competition, and shrinking growth rates in the U.S. insurance industry, carriers must enhance business processes for agility, flexibility, and operational efficiency. This is especially true for specialty carriers who are behind the curve in terms of business automation due to the nature of complex and often highly customized coverages.


While under a time crunch, underwriters must be extremely careful when drafting manuscript endorsements. Any ambiguity or inaccuracies in the policy can be interpreted adversely against the insurer, creating high levels of risk.


Many carriers still rely on Microsoft products to build these endorsements, frequently resulting in delays and inconsistent communications.


Using an integrated and advanced customer communications management (CCM) platform enables automation and makes creating and approving manuscript endorsements more effective and efficient.


This guide will cover the most common ways CCM helps drive seamless manuscripting to ensure flexibility, compliance, and increased speed to market for insurers.


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