Customer Stories

How a top P&C insurer customized the claims experience with GhostDraft

Case Study

Like many insurance providers, GhostDraft’s faith-based homeowner and farm insurance client strives to build top caliber customer service and experiences, focusing on prompt and fair claims. This insurer implemented GhostDraft for a more comprehensive and intuitive document composition management tool.

The Problem

This faith-based insurer used a complex process to generate claims correspondence, relying on IT resources to customize communications. Focusing several resources towards creating and editing forms, this process became very expensive for the insurer. Additionally, the insurer struggled to get products and communications to market fast enough.

The GhostDraft Solution

GhostDraft integrated with this insurer’s policy and claims system, offering an advanced, user-friendly customer communications management platform. With GhostDraft, the insurance provider gave business users the control to customize and create interactive claims correspondence. GhostDraft empowered their business users to test claims documents in real-time without assistance from IT, allowing IT to focus on other important projects.

The Results

This homeowner and farm insurance provider leveraged GhostDraft to create a business-driven, efficient forms creation and management process, enabling them to deliver timely claims correspondence and boost speed to market for new products.


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