Instec and GhostDraft partner to offer advanced CCM

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TORONTO, Dec. 5, 2013 – Instec, the leading provider of program business and speciality lines policy administration applications, today announced its partnership with GhostDraft, an innovator in document automation and customer communications, to provide Quicksolver users with the ability to create and customize policy forms within the Quicksolver policy administration application. They plan to deliver increased self-configuration options and faster time-to-market for new insurance products and programs.

The Situation

Recognizing that an increasing number of customers are seeking to control rates, underwriting rules and forms so they can bring new insurance products to market faster, without compromising cost or reliability, Instec sought to expand their application to provide industry-leading configuration tools.  A key component of this strategy is the user-friendly document composition and management capabilities from GhostDraf. This will allow clients to create and manage their own forms.


Integrating policy form creation and customization with the Quicksolver policy administration application meets these critical business needs. This includes carriers, MGAs, and MGUs looking to expand their current footprint and scale profitably:

  • Increased self-sufficiency
  • Abbreviated product and program creation cycle times
  • The ability to get into productive markets and out of unprofitable ones faster


“Getting products to market faster than the competition has become mission-critical for insurers in today’s highly competitive market.  We’re thrilled to deliver GhostDraft’s highly-customizable forms engine through a policy administration platform specifically aimed at businesses that need to get new products and programs into new markets quickly.  The Quicksolver platform does that better than anyone else — and now better than ever,” concluded Kurt Jackson, GhostDraft Executive Vice President of Sales.

About the Integration

Instec’s Quicksolver combines out-of-the-box ISO, NCCI, AAIS, and state-specific content with advanced rate and rule configuration options. This dramatically reduces implementations and time to market. By partnering with GhostDraft, document creation, composition, and communication technology seamlessly integrates into the Quicksolver platform. This provides users with the flexibility to close the loop, getting highly differentiated products and programs to market, faster than their competition, in a way their policyholders want to consume the information.


In selecting a best-of-breed forms partner, Instec sought both technology and culture alignment.  In GhostDraft, Instec found a reliable and stable partner. Eager to respond quickly to new projects and challenges, they shared their commitment to delivering quality software.  Instec and GhostDraft both have a rich history of successful implementations, deep domain expertise, and exemplary long-tenured staff, therefore the partnership is a natural fit.


“Instec selected GhostDraft to extend Quicksolver’s current forms management and print capabilities. They hoped to match the growing needs of insurers to create and customize forms within the product. GhostDraft’s commitment to preserving the existing forms library for current Quicksolver customers, in addition to adding these new capabilities, was an extremely important consideration for Instec.  I’m particularly excited about how the resulting software from this partnership will enable insurers to more effectively process their Specialty and Programs business,” said Ray Simon, President and CEO at Instec.


About Instec 

Instec delivers best-of-breed policy administration applications and services to the insurance industry. This transforms the way commercial property and casualty insurers do business. Unique to the industry, and since 1982, Instec has partnered with carriers and MGAs alike to provide streamlined policy administration. Combining 50-state point-in-time regulatory compliance with carry-forward customizations, they allow businesses to enter new markets quickly and scale efficiently so they are more profitable.  To learn more, visit


About GhostDraft

Meet your customers’ changing needs with the leading digital engagement technology for top insurers. GhostDraft’s advanced customer communication and document automation solutions integrate into your business to create better experiences, greater efficiency, and more agility across any platform. For more information, visit, email, or call 855-776-2016.

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