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Last updated: June 9, 2023 | 3 min read

TORONTO, Sept. 16 2014 – GhostDraft, a provider of cloud-based document automation and customer communications management, announced today that C&S Specialty Underwriters, a managing underwriting company specializing in the underwriting and administration of speciality insurance, has implemented GhostDraft software to streamline the creation of policy forms and related documents.



Founded in 2013, C&S selected Maximum Processing’s Stingray system to manage policy, billing, claims and reinsurance administration capabilities. GhostDraft integrated into Stingray to provide C&S advanced document generation capabilities. They also enable business user to create, control and manage their documents. The GhostDraft software also allows C&S to provide their customers with multi-channel delivery. In addition to printing and mailing documents, they have the ability to create and send e-mail communications to their customers.


“Insurers live in a competitive marketplace and it’s critical that we have the ability to launch new products and respond to our customers’ needs quickly. The GhostDraft integration into Stingray was helpful for us because it puts our business user, not our technical staff, in control of our documents. Also, with GhostDraft software we can now improve our customer’s experience by providing customized documents in their preferred delivery method,” said Joe Scollo, Partner & Founder, C&S Specialty Underwriters.”


“It’s great that GhostDraft integrates with Stingray. It made implementation easy, and we were quickly creating documents. The system lets us fit documents to our business model. Its design features give us the perfect balance between standardization, customization, and compliance,” said Scollo.


“We are pleased that C&S Specialty Underwriters chose GhostDraft to maximize the benefits of their investment in Stingray. They are the fifth Stingray customer to do so in less than one year since our partnership with Maximum Processing began,” said Kurt Jackson, Executive Vice President at GhostDraft.


“C&S Specialty Underwriters understood that customer communications management is important to drive greater business agility. GhostDraft is committed to making the creation of insurance documents a business user-driven process. This will put the carrier in control and boosts their ability to bring new products to market quickly.” said Jackson.



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About C&S Specialty Underwriters


Formed in 2013 by Steve Crim and Joe Scollo, C&S Specialty Underwriters, LLC offers specialized underwriting as well as administration for unique commercial casualty risks not adequately served by the standard insurance market.  Together, the partners at C&S have over 46 years of experience in the specialty insurance industry.

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