From Concept to Customer: The Need for Speed to Market in Insurance

Speakers: John Kadous [AAIS] and Laurence White [GhostDraft]

Speed to market is paramount to success in today’s dynamic insurance marketplace. The ability to bring new and updated products swiftly from concept to customer is not only a strategic advantage but also crucial for capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Achieving speed to market, however, is not without its challenges. Insurers must grapple with a complex regulatory landscape, legacy systems, and labor-intensive manual processes. Navigating these hurdles is essential for insurers looking to enhance their agility, remain innovative, and maintain a strong position in a competitive market.


Join AAIS and GhostDraft for an insightful discussion on the importance and challenges of speed to market. Our panel of industry experts will discuss modern technologies and innovations that can accelerate internal processes as well as how to balance speed and compliance.

Meet the Panelists

John Kadous


Laurence White

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