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Discover how to automate the insurance communications lifecycle from inception to delivery


At GhostDraft, we’re on a mission to help insurers drive speed to market and digital transformation through powerful and intuitive communications lifecycle software.


So, what does that mean? Take a moment to imagine the ability to manage the end-to-end communication process, from inception to implementation, in one unified platform. Now, with GhostDraft, that’s precisely what you can do.


This video will walk you through the day of an insurance product developer as they use GhostDraft 360 to:

  • Create a new Lead Exclusion policy
  • Collaborate on new policy forms
  • Build specification requirements for form development


Get in touch to see how we can help you optimize your communications lifecycle.

Meet the Speakers

Angie Winn GhostDraft

Angie Winn

VP, Alliances at GhostDraft
Layla Muth GhostDraft

Layla Muth

Presales Director
Customer Communications Customer Experience Digital Experience

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