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Supporting a rapid product launch for a top malpractice insurer

Case Study

The Problem

One of the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurers wanted to expand and launch a new product line within just a few months. To do this, the insurer planned to start a new subsidiary focused on excess and surplus (E&S) to complement their current insurance offerings. The insurer needed an advanced customer communications management (CCM) and document automation platform to support a rapid launch to market. They chose GhostDraft.

The malpractice insurer relied on a legacy administration system and a legacy document composition and management system, slowing down the process to build the new product line and subsidiary. This put the company at risk to miss business projections and on-time launch.

The GhostDraft Solution

Partnered with the top policy administration systems (PAS), GhostDraft expedited implementation to rapidly provide the insurer with innovative communications capabilities.

With GhostDraft’s highly intuitive platform, the insurer’s non-technical business users gained control to easily create, test and deliver batch, on-demand and interactive policy documents. This helped optimize the policy production process and get communications to customers faster than ever.

Additionally, GhostDraft enabled the assurance of compliance and consistency for all policy documents. The insurer could leverage GhostDraft to build custom workflows, empowering business users to collaborate and customize policy documents and send off for approval before delivery.

The Results

Using GhostDraft to quote and issue policies, the insurer met production schedules and successfully launched a new subsidiary with new product lines in time.

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