An Intuitive CCM Suite Designed for Business and IT Users

GhostDraft’s highly intuitive CCM Suite is powered by a series of independent software components designed to deliver advanced functionality and engaging customer communication capabilities for both business and IT users.

Document Composition Engine

Stable and Flexible Document Automation

GhostDraft’s powerful Document Composition Engine connects content authors to multiple core systems through a user-friendly, logic-based library known as the Document Domain Model. This makes it easy to create and test templates in real-time.

  • User-friendly document library
  • Create and test templates in real-time
  • Stable and flexible
  • Thousands of customers and users
  • Millions of documents every month
  • Powers the entire toolset


Template Authoring and Data-Capture Design

Developed with the business user in mind, GhostDraft Studio provides an easy-to-use template builder, empowering content authors to generate and test batch, on-demand and interactive documents without IT.

  • Point-and-click document markup
  • Natural-language business rules
  • Unique Data Domain Model
  • Rich data-capture form design
  • Auto-created data scenarios for real-time testing

Configuration Manager

Production Server Management

GhostDraft Configuration Manager streamlines communications management, providing an approval workflow that ensures consistency and compliance for customer-facing communications.

  • Publish or retire template packages and data mapping transforms
  • Control user access
  • Design and build front-end views, policy definitions and workflow plans
  • Generate usage reports

Server & Services

Access GhostDraft Production Services

Boost productivity and manage customer communications anywhere, any time with full access to our web-based suite of production services. Our loosely-coupled service-oriented architecture (SOA) includes a rich set of APIs that enables highly flexible and customizable integration to 3rd-party applications.

  • Document composition
  • Data mapping
  • Data capture
  • Policy assembly
  • Logging
  • Rich set of APIs


Document Production and Distribution

GhostDraft Prologue provides approved web-based templates that give non-technical users the ability to customize compliant templates and quickly deliver omnichannel communications to create a better customer experience.

  • Out-of-the-box web-based application
  • Published template libraries and data-capture forms
  • Suited to non-technical users
  • Optional linking to external data sources
  • Interactive document production and distribution

Data Workbench

Data Transform Builder

Through one-time data mapping, IT users can connect data from multiple core systems to GhostDraft’s Document Domain Model. This streamlined solution provides intuitive access for business users, eliminating IT resources from the template generation process and freeing up their time to focus on other high-value projects.

  • Scripted data-mapping
  • Links to external data sources
  • Data-transform for use in the GhostDraft services stack
  • Intuitive access
  • Frees up IT resources

GhostDraft on the go

Access the full suite of GhostDraft from anywhere and on any device with our secure, cloud-based SaaS platform.

  • Fully managed cloud-based SaaS platform
  • Access to full suite of GhostDraft production services

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