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In a world where customer expectations are constantly changing, constant innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the market. We ask questions, push boundaries and build future-proof solutions that empower our clients to succeed in the world of tomorrow.


We leverage our global experience in the insurance industry to recognize unsolved problems, rising needs and hidden opportunities.


Our experienced development teams turn unique insights and possibilities into real solutions, delivering innovative and reliable next-gen technology.


We leverage our strong product development relationships with key insurers to test R&D projects. Our product experts conduct impact assessments and launch only the most meaningful and effective innovations.

Discover possibilities

We listen to the market. Combined insights from our customers, partners and the insurance, legal, and banking industries enable us to develop relevant solutions in touch with the needs and expectations of the modern world. Our team conducts bi-annual product innovation sessions with key insurers to discover emerging requirements and hidden opportunities, fueling the GhostDraft pipeline of innovative ideas.

Build future-proof solutions

We build a comprehensive product roadmap, allocating 50% of our development capabilities to GhostDraft feature and functionally extensions and 50% to exploratory innovations. Our development teams also have additional capacity to explore and build R&D projects in preparation for future market needs.

Continuously improve

We test, scale, and analyze the impact of our innovations with key customers across the spectrum of insurance tiers to identify improvement opportunities. This ensures that only the most meaningful and impactful ideas are put into production for our clients.

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GhostDraft empowers insurers to accelerate their digital journey and meet customers’ evolving expectations. Discover the power of partnering with innovative technologies for yourself and schedule a demo today.

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