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Learn more about GhostDraft's CCM software and services for streamlined customer communications.

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Drive shorter transaction cycles, create a more satisfying and personalized customer experience, and dramatically lower costs.

A holistic view of customer communications: Our CCM software and services cover the entire document lifecycle, from information design to multi-channel delivery, integrating our leading-edge technologies and services with your core business systems and processes – giving you the tools to personalize communications that improve the customer experience.

GhostDraft's CCM software enable you to:

  • Design customer communications that are clear, relevant and actionable, well-written and well-organized, driving higher customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, and fewer inquiries to your call center.
  • Implement, by applying business-friendly authoring technology to create standardized templates that “lock down” your document design and messaging and enable the automated creation of personalized documents through rules-based assembly of content.
  • Personalize, through a cloud-based service that integrates customer-specific data, entered on the fly or extracted from your database, with your pre-approved templates and content to improve the customer experience while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements and brand standards.
  • Produce customer communications in batch, interactive or on-demand modes, and deliver through print and mail or digital channels with the highest levels of security and reliability, for consistent, on-time communications at a significantly lower cost.

Watch our video below to learn more about how we can bring you the features above through the build data of capture pages in GhostDraft Prologue. 

GhostDraft solutions cover every aspect of customer communications management, through a system aligned with your business processes, to drive shorter transaction cycles, a more satisfying and personalized customer experience, and dramatically lower costs.

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