Implementation Services

Because we develop for the cloud, deployment is fast and low-touch, with little or no impact on your data center and fewer people required for implementation and support.

GhostDraft utilizes an iterative implementation methodology that enables requirements and solutions to evolve over time. Through collaboration between you and the GhostDraft team, we will determine a solution that precisely matches your needs.

Key implementation services include:

  • Design specification: joint definition of requirements and project plan
  • Data model: jointly-developed in plain language, independent of the database
  • Template creation: layout, style, and logic for your documents
  • Process build: smart web forms, workflows, e-presentment, and e-delivery
  • Testing: unit and system testing of all workflows, channels and system integration
  • Iteration reviews: tuning the project for greater efficiency and improved outcomes
On every GhostDraft project, application of best practices and measurable deliverables produces shorter project cycles, fewer surprises and more successful outcomes. Ensure your project is on time and on budget with GhostDraft managing the seamless integration and deployment of your new system.
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