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GhostDraft Customer Support keeps you running smoothly from start to finish, whether you’re just starting out, ramping up to your “go live” date, or in the middle of a production run. Contact us when, where, and how you want for answers that keep you running at maximum productivity.

You choose the level and mode of support that fits your situation, so you are never more than a call or click away from connecting with a product expert who can resolve your issue.

Key customer support features include:

  • Support coverage: an expert always available to support production emergencies
  • Go-Live support: on-site GhostDraft technicians for the duration of your rollout
  • Multi-channel help request: by phone, email, through our Knowledge Base or through our web portal
  • Fast response: accelerated response times for “go live” or production emergencies
  • Single point of contact: one representative staying with you through problem resolution
  • No problem replication required: we are the system, so resolutions begins immediately

GhostDraft customer support gives you real people, around the clock, working to make sure you get the most out of your GhostDraft systems and services.

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