Insurance Sector Trends: Forecast for 2018 and 2017 Year End Review

May 12, 2018
DLA Piper's Insurance Sector Trends: 2017 Year End Review and Forecast for 2018 assesses the impact and implications of major developments around the globe and offers some thoughts on what 2018 might bring to the insurance industry.

The yearly report notes that developments at a global level are defining the opportunities and challenges that face the insurance sector, even purely domestic carriers. Some of the factors cited as shaping the opportunities and challenges for the insurance sector include: 
  • developments in the use of technology
  • increasing cybersecurity concerns
  • increasingly global businesses creating insureds who need risk management solutions crossing multiple national borders
  • macro-economic and political events that either stimulate or curtail market developments
Looking ahead, DLA Piper indicates that 2018 will be a dramatic year for the insurance industry. They predict that the industry will continue to see an increase in natural disasters, and the year will provide an opportunity to reset the regulatory rules for many insures.

Download the full report from DLA Piper.
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