Provide Clear, Relevant Communications to Deliver a Great Customer Experience

December 05, 2017
This is the second post in our series on how insurers can create a great digital customer experience. Read the introduction here.

Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with an endless flow of communications. Sending digital correspondence isn’t enough to break through all the noise.

To provide a truly superior customer experience, you must to engage your customers with clear, relevant correspondence. If you can’t engage your customers, they will forget about you or worse, develop a negative impression of your company.

How can insurers engage their customers with clear, relevant correspondence? Here are a few examples:
  • a text message to notify your customer that his or her payment has posted
  • an email when a claim has been received, processed, and completed
  • a letter promoting a new discount for coverages the policy holder has
By proactively communicating relevant information, your customers don’t have to go searching for it, making it easier to do business with you.

In additional to relevant content, it’s important for your correspondence to provide a clear call to action when you need a customer to respond to a request or inquiry. For example, if there was an issue with a credit card payment, the correspondence needs to have a clearly state there is a problem and provide easy instructions on how to immediately address it.

Delivering clear, relevant communications helps you build trust and confidence with your customers that leads to long-term relationships and customer loyalty. Customer communication management (CCM) solutions enable you to deliver clear, relevant correspondence across the entire insurance value chain, allowing you to nurture a long-standing relationship with your customer through every interaction.

In our next blog, we will discuss the importance of communicating with your customers through their preferred channels to creating a better digital customer experience. In the meantime, read the first post in the series.
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