Data Workbench

GhostDraft Data Workbench provides IT professionals with an intuitive application to convert IT-centric data into business-usable customer information, enabling IT to transition ownership of document creation to the business users.

Basic transforms, conditional logic, and mathematical functions speed the mapping process, so you can easily automate the integration of customer data into your documents for a personalized customer experience.

Key features include:

  • Data source options: including XML, SQL queries, CSV and
  • Powerful scripting language: specify data transforms for each element of the target model
  • Data security: specify security parameters for any data source
  • Testing and debugging: smooth transition to document production
Want to see how data integration can be made painless? Watch our Data Workbench demo video below to see our simple and powerful process that connects business-authored document templates with customer-specific data, while ensuring confidentiality, security and compliance.

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