Insurance Policies

Insurers are pressured to launch new and innovative products without compromise on speed, quality, or cost. GhostDraft supports rapid product launches and a quick response to regulatory change through empowering business user to create and manage declaration pages, schedules, endorsements, and other forms.

GhostDraft’s key benefits include:

  • Faster product launch: all policy forms and related documents are created in-house by the business users
  • Document control: simple-to-use authoring software for building policy document templates
  • Greater document flexibility: rapidly implement policy forms
  • Seamless integration with core systems: using web services, for faster implementation and lower maintenance cost
  • Assured compliance: locked down bureau and insurer-specific forms
  • Simpler forms update: one-time data mapping reusable across all form revisions
Create highly flexible policy documents in easy-to-manage libraries, for rapid, compliant, and less costly forms implementation. GhostDraft allows you to Customize policy forms and boost speed-to-market with business-driven document creation.

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