Insurance Claims

Claims processing is an ongoing challenge for many insurers, with claims adjusters spending up to half of their day on activities that do not positively impact the outcome. Many resort to Microsoft® Word to create claims correspondence. This unsupported approach opens up opportunities for errors that can compromise regulatory compliance, dilute the brand, and diminish the customer experience.

GhostDraft reduces time spent creating claim documents, while producing customer communications that are compliant with regulatory and brand standards. Your correspondence will be clear, relevant, and actionable.

GhostDraft’s key benefits include:

  • More satisfied customers: personalized and transparent claims correspondence
  • Less costly claims process: rules-driven and adjuster-controlled creation of customer-specific claims letters
  • Lower call center costs: correspondence that prompts fewer customer inquiries
  • Improved responsiveness: communications delivered through the customer's preferred channel
  • Regulatory compliance: standardized and approved text for any claims scenario
  • Corporate compliance: business user-friendly template creation and management, endorsed by IT
Discover how GhostDraft can bring you clear, relevant, and actionable claims documents, delivered with greater personalization, in less time, resulting in a better customer experience, and assured compliance.

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