Life Insurance

Innovative and trust-building customer communications are required to sustain a profitable competitive advantage in the life insurance sector. This is due to factors including shifting demographics coupled with economic and regulatory challenges.

GhostDraft makes it simple to deliver the right message, at the right time, through the right channel for each and every customer. With GhostDraft, you can capture new life and annuity opportunities by communicating relevant, actionable policy information to your customers.

GhostDraft’s key benefits include:

  • More satisfied customers: customized and transparent policy documents and claims correspondence
  • Faster document creation: trim time and steps, from underwriting and claims
  • Simpler customer acquisition: with correspondence tailored to individual customers
  • Easier document turnaround: add new policy holders, LOBs, or switch to a new core system with ease since your communications will be free of IT dependence
  • Compliance: consistent, approved text and detailed audit trails
  • Unburdened IT: database-independent template creation and management

Discover how GhostDraft can bring you clear, relevant, and actionable communications. Your communications will be delivered with greater personalization, in less time, resulting in a better customer experience, and assured compliance.

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